Monday, January 12, 2009

Technology: Where am I? Where am I going?

In terms of my ability to use technology, both in the classroom and privately, I would rate my ability as low-average. I am certainly not a 'digital native'. I remember well the internet coming to Turtleford when I was in grade 11. It was not until I got to university that I was actually immersed in internet research and even using computers to create assignments. As such, I missed out both on learning how to use technology in everyday life as well as instruction in technology use - I had to learn on my own.

It seems to me that technology in educational contexts has morphed from being a topic of study to something that is ancillary to learning. As an educator and an administrator, that has implications both for where I want myself to be and how I want my school to be constructed. Watching Youtube videos like "Did you know" and others can be a frightening thing for a thirty year-old dinosaur, but it is also exciting.

I am well - versed in internet research, so I think I am ready to go beyond that. I want to begin to create new, meaningful material, both in video and text, and to inspire my students and staff to do likewise. My position as a leader in my context requires that I become a catalyst for change in this area. Scrawling things on a black board seems primitive to me. In fact, it is only a small step above carving images or symbols into stone. I do not believe children learn best in black and white and I want to be a progressive educator able to cope and thrive with change. The term, 'lifelong learner' certainly applies here.

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