Friday, March 27, 2009

Twitter Video

I just watched the most hilarious video on Twitter on youtube.
Though there is a great deal of humour involved, there are some serious questions about how the webtool should be used. Should people Twitter about nothing? Or, should people Twitter only when they have something interesting to say or share? For me, Twitter is not for self-affirmation, it is a tool I will use to connect with ideas and people. I vow never to become a Twitter addict like Craig, but I do see the tool as amazing and I will continue to use it, but not to broadcast every mundane thing I see or do. I think my frustration with facebook is the way people, at least on my friend list, use it. I hope Twitter is different and does not spiral into mere exhibitionism. I suppose it all depends on who you have on your contact list.


  1. None Of You Have Any Friends!! - Love the quote!

    Your hilarious find of a video made me reflect back on my younger years when dating chat rooms were popular. Who were they most popular with? Those who couldn't find real friendship and dates!!! Hmmm . . . I wonder why? It seems as though people 'come out' on-line because in this way, they can hide their true identity and be someone their not.

    I totally understand the video - real friends make real connections - yet I question it too! I look at my social networking circle (facebook) and think, 'How many of these people invite others to be friends only to accumulate numbers? How many actually make regular contact with those on their list?' TRUE friends will always stay in touch but the imposters lurk in 'dreamworld' - a place where it looks like they have friends - but don't!!

    Enough ranting - great video - I loved it!

  2. This is a great video. In fact it is so great I am going to blog about it myself.

  3. These types of videos are good, biting satire ... important.